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Thai Bodywork

-60 Minute Thai bodywork session, $99
-90 Minute Thai bodywork session, $135
-2 Hour Thai bodywork session, $175
-45 minute Traditional Thai Foot Reflexology session, $80

Crainosacral Therapy

a gentle, hands-on energetic approach that releases tensions deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction while simultaneously relaxing the central nervous system and allows the cerebral spinal fluid in the spine to “correct” any imbalances or blockages. The therapist uses very light pressure while using various holds on the sacrum, cranium, and facial bones. It is recommended to be quiet and enter a state of relaxation while receiving this work. Anyone who has suffered pain from dental work, surgeries and other trauma-related injuries or impacts such as car wrecks may benefit from this option.

RATES: Craniosacral Therapy 60 minutes, $99


Integrative massage

Incorporating various modalities tailored to the client’s specific needs

60 minutes, $99
90 minutes, $149
120 minutes, $199

*additional $25 fee for outcall